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Welcome to my art blog. You can find links to my shop and other blogs here as well as my works.
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I’m offering rainbow loom bracelets, black and white in a double braid fashion with a single row finisher (because I only have one loom), for $2 each +S&H. 

I’m mostly doing this and tossing this up here because I just need something to do right now to keep my mind off things.

So if anyone is interested please message me.

Some of you don’t know but I have a Hitrecord account. Username : createitinc. I’ve had a question that’s been bugging the hell out of me lately and I need answers before I go insane. 

Today I submitted a little story:

In it I ask how you see the world. So please help me out and tell me, show me, sing to me how you see the world. I guess I just need to know I’m not the only out there who thinks they see things differently from everyone else.

Anything on my commissions page that has detail underneath is open for your choosing.

I’m only opening up one spot for right now because of life. Any option that has prices listed is open to this spot. As I add pictures to my site more options will open up. A couple of the options I have to double check prices on things. So, first come first serve for this spot.

I am working on getting pictures of past works done up all nice a pretty to show off on here and also working on getting commissions up and going! I’m not going to try to estimate how much longer this will all take me to get done and set up because things have been pretty hectic around here lately. But I hope to have it all done soon!