My Art

Welcome to my art blog. You can find links to my shop and other blogs here as well as my works.

Had a lot of fun, go mad at the teacher, feel like an adult. Good day over all.

I’ve updated prices and other things that needed to be updated. Right now the Munny’s are the only thing that have a price. I’ll be getting pictures of two of them when I can to put up here as examples. I’m working on a 4inch one right now. These prices reflect that I can buy them at a few stores around me. If I ever have to buy them online the prices will be going up do to S&H. And I’m trying not to do that with these guys cause they’re awesome. So, I’ve got spots open right now. Contact me if you’re interested! 

I’ve got a page up tittle commissions with a small list of things I’m offering. Right now it’s basically just the 4 inch Munny’s until I do some of the magnets. Anyway if you’re interested contact me and we’ll set everything up.

Okay. So I’m going to be updating my commissions page over the next couple days because I really need to start selling some stuff. I’ve moved to a bigger college and I owe money for school for the first time this term. I’m trying to find a job but all I’m getting on that end is either no call back or emails saying sorry went with some one else. Got a few interviews but those have gone nowhere. So I need money. Everything that will be on there will be physical items that will require shipping. Just wanted to update you guys to this. I’ll be making a more detailed post on this after I do that.